Themed Cruising

Introduction to Theme Cruising


Introduction to Theme Cruising

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to not only be on a cruise but to be there for some special event?

Themed Cursing is all about being on board for a once in a lifetime occasion. The event can range from concerts to special food and wine festivals to celebrity appearances. Most of the time, these events only happen once, maybe twice a year and then are written down in the history books.

To get started, think of an event you would like to do while you are at home. Then search our database to see if the type of event is coming up soon. For example, letís say your passion is following famous chiefs. Search the food category for that and see if any of your chiefs come up.

As this site just list the cruise, you will need to register with the event organizer. Sometimes, this can be the cruise line but most are with travel agencies. If you have additional questions or you are ready to purchase, you will need to contact them directly.

But before you decide on a themed cruise, realized that themed cruises can vary from one another. You will need to know certain things before purchasing.

Size of the Event

Sometimes themed event can be the whole cruise, where most of the people are on board are for that one event. Sometimes it can be very small, where participants only take up two third of the ship. Whatever the event, make sure you are comfortable with the size of that themed cruise.

Purchased Dates

Popular events can sell out quickly. If you are on the fence about a cruise and you decide to buy, you may find the cruise is sold out for that sailing. So, when you decide to book, purchased it sooner rather than later. In addition, the longer you wait, the fewer number of cabins are available.

Review the event itinerary

Make sure you feel comfortable with what the event organizers say they are going to do. For example, if you plan on sleeping in and the event has all early morning events, then you will be missing most of what that event has to offer. So, plan and ask questions ahead of booking that cruise.

Look for Reviews

Several themed cruises happen on a yearly basis. Search the internet for reviews. One of my favorite place to look is on forums and community sites. To get started do a google search term that has the word forum along with the title of the themed cruise. This is a clever way to finding out what people have said about that cruise.

Know the Price

The total purchased price of the cruise can be very different than what you originally first saw. Realize that the price can sometimes get out of control very fast and know your limits. Do not go on a cruise if you cannot afford what they are quoting you. Also, remember that there are onboard expenses too.

You can have a lot of fun doing themed cruising. Remember to do your research.