Themed Cruising




Good Day to all! I wish to Thank You for visiting this site. Here you will find links to sites that offer a different twist for cruising than the traditional everyday cruise. These themed cruises will focus on specific topics of interest. Usually, they will have some formal event happening on board that pertains to that cruise, like a music concert or art gallery. Most themed cruises will be open to all and some will have a limited number of cabins. So, get your tickets while you still can.

It will be my hope that you will use this website to find that unique cruise that will make your vacation the best you have ever had. Please look around. This site organizes themed cruises by categories. Due to the enormous number of events cruises out there, some categories might be nested in another category. For example, TV and Movies will be nested in the Film Category. This is to make sure the website stays clean.

One last thing. This website is in development. It is not intended to be operational or have any useful information. Whatever information you find, this website owner and any of the companies presented on this website cannot be held responsible for any misinformation given. You are viewing a test website and any content or design is for that purpose only. It is up to the site visitor to confirm any information with another party, such as the event sponsor or cruise line.

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